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Arcadia D3 Compact UVB Bulb 7% 23 Watt

Arcadia D3 Compact UVB Bulb 7% 23 Watt

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The Arcadia Reptile D3 Compact Bulb uses the standard E27 screw thread lamp holder, is versatile and easy to use.

The D3 7% UVB 23 watt Compact Bulb can be used easily over smaller vivaria for small and hatchling animals.

Ideal for all tropical and sub-tropical reptiles and amphibians in smaller enclosures, and with species that require lower UVB exposure, such as many frogs, spiders, inverts, and small lizard species such as many gecko species.

Perfect for use in the Arcadia Reptile reflector clamp lamp range.

Compact bulbs are High output and flicker free.





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