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Holiday Boarding

Our reptile holiday boarding facility is set up with your pets welfare at the heart of everything we do.

All our enclosures are spacious and set up with the very best in lighting technology and heating control.

We will provide everything needed for your pet to have a comfortable stay with us.


Please see our current boarding rates: 

  • Bearded Dragon - £9.00 per day

  • Chameleon - £9.00 per day

  • Tortoises - £7.50 per day

  • Leopard Gecko - £7.50 per day

  • Crested Gecko - £7.00 per day

  • Snakes under 6ft - £7.00 per day

  • Amphibians - £7.00 per day 

*Prices may vary based on specific requirements. Please contact us for a more accurate quote on specific species - 01283 329250.

Reptile store in the Midlands
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Get in touch to explore your reptile holiday boarding. 

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