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Hikari Turtle Sticks 120g

Hikari Turtle Sticks 120g

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Hikari Turtle Sticks are a mix of three different coloured sticks, each containing essential nutrients, providing complete and balanced nutrition for Aquatic Turtles

  • Yellow Stick - Staple nutrition, containing the highest quality proteins, minerals and multi-vitamins to promote proper growth and help keep turtles in peak condition
  • Green Stick - Calcium enriched stick supports shell development and structure whilst helping prevent disease caused by calcium deficiency
  • Red Stick - Conditioning stick, containing Chitosan extracted from crustaceans, to support metabolism, immune system health and skin resiliency
  • Easily digested thereby reducing water quality problems and odour that can result from uneaten or partially digested food
  • Quickly absorbs water and softens rapidly while retaining its original shape. Will not cloud your turtle’s water when fed as directed
  • Pack size: 120g


Ideal for:

Most types of aquatic turtles.



Feed one or two times daily the amount your turtle can completely consumer in 2 – 3 minutes. If you want to use as a treat throughout the day, offer a few sticks intermittently. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after the feeding period to minimise any adverse effects on the water quality.





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