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The Corn Snake

The Corn Snake (Patherophis guttatus) aptly named by its regular presence near grain stores, where it preys on the mice and rats that eat the harvested corn in many regions of its naturally found habitat.

The Corn Snake is a species of rat-snake found throughout the Americas, ranging from North America, the South-eastern regions, right through to New Jersey and the Florida Keys, with the latter having an average maximum temperature range of around 29c throughout the year, and minimums of 20c, with humidity staying a stable 72-77% all year around.


With an average adult length of around 5ft, an adult Corn Snake will require a good-sized set-up.

The 48x24x24” is ideal for the job, At this size, overhead heat is the best option to provide the setup with a suitable heat gradient. Manufactured from 18mm thick melamine for enhanced durability and toughened glass, the Monkfield Standard Vivarium is a safe and secure home for your reptile.

  • Smooth, sliding, glass doors for easy access

  • Offset ventilation holes, crucial for ensuring correct airflow

  • Available in Oak or Black

  • Can be used with the Monkfield Oak Cabinet to create a stand-alone display

Heating Element and Thermostat (for Hot end temps of 30c)

We have put together a list of suggested heating products from our Arcadia & HabiStat range that would be best suited for an adult Corn Snake:

Substrate/Bedding options

Below are the substrates specifically designed for corn snakes:

To view our full range of reptile bedding, please click here.

What to feed

It’s always best to provide a mixture of appropriately sizes Mice, Rats, Chicks, Gerbils, Hamsters or Multis. Sizing will depend on whether you have a hatchling, juvenile or adult Corn Snake.

Hatchling Corn Snakes

The Hatchling Snake Starter Kit is perfect and has ALL the needed options for the perfect start in keeping this wonderful Snake species.

Terrainium available in oak or black finish.


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